Convert C# to C++

C# to C++ source code snippet converter accepts a single class as input. C++ source file and header file are created as result.

Conversion C# to C++

Source-to-source conversion is one of the options for dealing with legacy code or multi-platform product development. Having applications in C#, you can convert them to C++ while preserving the type structure and architecture. Using the Cs2Cpp translator you'll get some benefits:

How to convert C# snippet to C++?

  • Open CodePorting C# to C++ snippet converter
  • Paste a source code from clipboard or load from file
  • Press button
  • Wait for the task get completed. A notification will be shown if it was successfull or not
  • If C# source code was coverted, copy the output or doewnload artifacts that will get available for download (cpp, h and cmake scripts)
  • Download CodePorting.Translator Cs2Cpp Framework from releases to build the resulted C++ code
  • Download a zip-file with resulted code that includes a build scripts
  • Build C++ source code with CMake