Convert C# project to C++

C# to C++ project converter accepts zipped sources of a project and converts to C++ source code

#1 Upload Source Code

Upload a zipped solution or a project containing a source code. There are limitations for the content is being converted:
  • It is supported .Net Framework 4.0 projects or older
  • External dependencies are not resolved
  • Uploaded file size is not greater then 5Mb

#2 Entry Point

Specify C# project (.csproj) file name as starting point for the source code converter. The file must be present in the uploaded zip-file

#3 Start Processing

Initialize project conversion task. Take takes some time depending on size of your project

#4 Download Artifacts

An artifact is a zip-file containing sources and CMake scripts

    Conversion C# project to C++

    Source-to-source conversion is one of the options for dealing with legacy code or multi-platform product development. Having applications in C#, you can convert them to C++ while preserving the type structure and architecture. Using the Cs2Cpp translator you'll get some benefits:

    How to convert C# project to C++?

    • Open CodePorting C# project to C++ converter
    • Select a zip file containing a project to convert
    • Enter project file name
    • Press button Convert
    • Wait for the task get completed. It will be available a link for download if the project successfully converted