Convert code using {artificial intelligence}

Source-to-source code translation approach can help produing a software more chipy and reliable in some cases. This task is also known as transcompilation, transpilation, or code translation.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) to create tools that enhance software engineering and development is becoming more popular. AI is capable of creating and manipulating a source code.

Recent deep-learning models for coding have gained a lot of attention since they can produce unexpectedly believable code when trained on enormous quantities of data and innovative designs with billions of parameters.

Converter features

Translation of complex expressions
Process a inline content effectively, such as commentaries
Handle incompleted source code
An ability of LLM to generalize when solving not typical tasks

Supported programming languages

Online applications of CodePorting are able to convert a source code from multiple top rated programming languages to another: C#, C++, Java and Python Apps

AI + Python

AI converts Python source code snippet to Java or C++


AI + Java

Online AI converts Java source code snippet to Python or C++


AI + C#

AI converts C# source code snippet to C++


AI + C++

AI converts C++ source code snippet to Python, Java and C#


How to convert a source code using codeporing AI converter?

  • Open artificial intelligence category
  • Find a source code converter using search query. For example, a search query of Python to C++ AI converter
  • Open the converter
  • Enter a source code into code editor, or load from a local file
  • Press Convert button and wait for result